Welcome to paskalON, an international company that offers software consultancy for your business or ongoing IT projects. We offer product and solution-level quality at reasonable cost in architecture, design, development, code review and code optimization.

We specialise in consulting where it is vital not only to speak perfect English and German, but also to understand the mentality and needs of our customers. With our flat management structure and our flexibility, we can respond swiftly to changing markets, technologies and customer requirements.



Important features of a good architecture are its robustness, modularity, integrability, and increasingly also its security. Ease of expansion and maintenance are further important points which can have a major impact on future costs. We will help you to establish, expand or review your solution or application architecture. We always try to find a very high quality yet straightforward approach that applies best-practice architecture patterns and offers the optimum balance of costs and benefits.

Software Engineering

Our goal is to achieve a clean architecture, clean design, cleanly defined interfaces and a modular structure, while ensuring compliance with standards and using best-practice patterns. This guiding principle enables us to develop elegant, top-quality software solutions for you.

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paskalON offers its customers support by e-mail and phone, remotely and on-site.

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About us


paskalON is an international company that offers software consultancy for your business or ongoing IT projects. We offer product and solution-level quality at reasonable cost in architecture, design, development, code review, and code optimization.

Company Values

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology.

Customer Experience

Ensuring a high level of satisfaction among our customers is a core component of business at paskalON. Through surveys and product feedback efforts, we continue to listen and respond to our customers and partners and are committed to improving their experiences with us.

Company Owner

Pascal Kaelin. He has been a passionate software developer, software architect and agilist since 1998. A native of Switzerland, he has worked around the world, from Ireland, England and Germany to as far afield as Australia, China and the USA.

He is interested in networking with like-minded software developers around the world.

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